Fall into Fringe

August 24, 2015


Happy Monday! While no one particularly loves Mondays (wouldn’t we all rather binge watch Netflix in bed? I would!), decided to brighten my Monday, and hopefully yours as well, by sharing one of my favorite outfits from my recent vacation in Oregon.

If you’ve been following me on Insta (which you should! And if you’re not no hard feelings, but click here to see what you’re missing!), you already know that I spent a week in West Linn, Oregon with my family, celebrating my grandparent’s 50th (YES 50th!) wedding anniversary! After a 16 hour drive with my parents, I thanked my lucky stars for surviving, and was immediately ready to explore Oregon! The first day we got there, my grandma and cousin took on their role as tour guides and showed us around the quirky town of Portland.

OMG! This place has GOT to be on your bucket list. After much deliberation, I decided it is impossible to describe Portland. Portland has the most eclectic group of people that can be described as environmentally friendly, hipster, liberal, microbrew drinking, and super laid back (these two articles helped me decide on my description and they are good for a few laughs: here and here).

Anyways, I’ve got to to focus and get back to why I was actually writing this post…to explain my Portlandian outfit I threw together last minute. When my grandma said she was taking us to an outdoor market and then around the different neighborhoods for sightseeing and shopping, my Californian mind immediately imagined wearing a casual outfit of ripped shorts and a loose striped tee. I walk out in what I think is the perfect outfit and my cousin (born in Oregon) goes…”you look like you’re from California.” I’m like thanks for the compliment, while she’s giving me a look like I’ll never fit in there. Oh well, I guess I truly am born and raised in California!

My cousin runs out with my grandma’s fringe jacket and my mouth drops to the floor. This fringe jacket is beautiful and perfect for fall (and I managed to fit in a bit more in Oregon). While I wanted to pack it in my suitcase and take it back home when my grandma wasn’t watching, I saw the love in her eyes she had for the beauty. It was pretty hard to leave this jacket behind, but great news! I found some great options that I am planning on getting ASAP! Shop my whole outfit below and stay tuned for more Oregon outfits and adventures coming soon!


P.S. These pictures were taken in my grandma’s yard. How gorgeous right?!

Thank you so much for reading!

XOXO Samantha

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Fringe jacket: Grandma’s: similar here on sale!, here, here, here 50% off!  | Shorts: Forever 21 only $13.99! similar here and here | Top: Marshalls similar here only $10, here, here, here | Sandals: Madden Girl (sold out) similar here, here, here, here | Necklace: Bauble Bar | Rings: Kendra Scott on sale!, similar here, here, here 3 for $15 here

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