Friday Five

September 25, 2015


-Receiving my first RocksBox in the mail. So in love!


-Reorganizing my room and my puppy decides to start doing Yoga. Specifically, downward facing dog.


-Finally bought this gem from Bauble Bar when it was on sale! Love turquoise for fall.


-Eating breakfast at my favorite restaurant on the strip in Las Vegas. The crepes are to die for. Oui? Oui!


-Finishing up my Birthday Week with these beauties from my bestie. They smell unbelievable!

Happy Friday everyone! Every Friday from here on out, I am going to be rounding up the week with five of my favorite things that happened to me during the week. We all have to celebrate the little things in life, am I right? Stop and smell the roses!

This weekend I am having a more laid back weekend since I spent last weekend in Las Vegas and I will be spending the next weekend in Las Vegas as well! I need a calm, relaxing break from the craziness that is Las Vegas. Not like I’m complaining or anything I’m always up for a Vegas trip…no questions asked!

In between sleeping, eating, packing, and relaxing, my boyfriend and I are going to take a few apartment tours! I’m so excited because we are looking to live in a more “urban” city-like area of town and this is like a dream come true! I’ve always wanted to live in a big city where you can walk to everything, find unique one-of-a-kind restaurants, have your own coffee spot, and jog along the waters edge. Okay…maybe not the last one, I hardly ever run, but you get the picture!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! See you Monday!

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