Antique Market

November 20, 2015


A couple of weekends ago I decided I wanted to go to a Vintage/Antique Market. This is something completely different for me and out of my element because I am in no way a vintage or antique girl. I usually am attracted to current trends for clothing and modern pieces for homes. I have never been to a flea market and I am probably the worse negotiator in the world. So an antique market is probably the last place you would find me.

But I decided I wanted to go to the Trading Post 1908 Vintage/Antique Market. The items and vendors seemed to have that shabby chic vibe I like. I grabbed my mom, woke up early, and drove down to Angel Stadium in Anaheim to pick up some things! Moving into a new apartment recently, I was looking for some pieces to fill my living room.

Let me tell you…I am definitely an antique convert! I could’ve spent hours wandering the market, dreaming of all the ways I would style the beautiful pieces. I am no way a home decor expert, but I am an HGTV lover, especially the show Fixer Upper! Have you seen it?! Joanna and Chip Gaines are the cutest couple in history and she has the most beautiful shabby-chic style. She is the queen of flea markets and may have inspired me a bit…seriously considering moving to Waco, Texas one day! I ended up buying a blanket ladder, a Paris-inspired vintage luggage piece, and a pretty silver vase. All three items make a nook of my apartment look beautiful…it is my favorite part of my living space!

DSC_0262 DSC_0276 DSC_0275 DSC_0274 DSC_0277

If any of you are like me and are a bit nervous about going to your first flea or antique market…I would definitely say go for it! You don’t necessarily have to haggle with people about prices, most of them are super fair! They are experts in their field and love talking about the history behind the items they found or how they made their unique items! Don’t be shy! Living in Long Beach, I’m so excited to go to December’s Long Beach Flea Market! More antique shabby-chic items for my house please!!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great weekend!

P.S. I may also use my blanket ladder for dresses from time to time (don’t tell my boyfriend…). This dress is a Thanksgiving must from Berkley’s Boutique and under $50! Stay tuned for my three different Thanksgiving outfit ideas coming to Chic Serendipity early next week…including one featuring this dress!



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