Lip Beauty Routine

June 1, 2016

I am so excited to share something new & exciting with you today on Chic Serendipity! So far, I’ve shared mostly fashion & style with a lot of life adventures & some travel. Today, I’m bringing you Chic Serendipity’s first beauty post. Disclaimer before I dive in…I am in no way a beauty expert. I feel way more comfortable in the realm of fashion and that’s what comes naturally to me. Makeup, hair, skin, all that jazz…well there is just so much to learn! There are so many products out there and a lot of what will work best for you depends on so many different individual, personal factors. I’m constantly talking to the women at Sephora, my hair stylist, other bloggers, even my coworkers and more beauty savvy friends about what I should try. And of course I’d love taking suggestions from you! I’m learning that a great outfit can only be enhanced and finished with great hair and pretty makeup.

When I was approached by Cheeky Physique to try out their new Sublime Lips, Manuka Honey Lip Plumper, I was so onboard! Lately, I’ve been experimenting much more with lip glosses and lip sticks. Throughout high school and college, I didn’t care to put anything on my lips unless it was chapstick. I probably owned one red lip stick and that was it. When I started working in the real world, I started playing around with lip colors. A year later, I’m hooked. I can’t stop trying new brands and new shades!

I’ve also learned a thing or too about lip care. I used to think you could throw on a lip shade in two seconds and be out the door. I was totally wrong! I actually have pretty dry lips ad wearing lip stick all day, almost everyday completely drys out my lips. There are many things that I’ve learned over the last couple of months that have really helped save my lips and make the color I put on everyday look so much prettier! Read on to read my complete lip routine!


IMG_0019 IMG_0013 IMG_0012


Do you have a specific lip routine you use to make your lip color last all day & look amazing?! I’d love to hear the products you love. Thanks so much for reading and I hope I helped you perfect your lip color just a little bit. Keep those lips colorful & chic!


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5 responses to “Lip Beauty Routine”

  1. Those lip colors look like perfection!
    XO Amanda |

  2. I don’t have a lip routine, although I would definitely need to add something to ensure my lips don’t always get so chapped after a few days! xx Adaleta Avdic

  3. Elise says:

    wanna try these! I’ve never worn a lip plumper before, but I think it could be fun!

  4. Kathy says:

    I usually don’t wear lipstick maybe lipgloss I’m more of a Chapstick girl. But I love your ideas and you have some great pointers ?
    Good job on your first beauty blog ???

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