Prettiest Yellow Dress

April 12, 2017

Every year spring and summer rolls around and I seem to gravitate to certain colors. Of course, I’m always instantly attracted to anything brightly colored for summer, but this year’s stand out color to me is yellow. I’ve always loved yellow. I would even say at one point it was my favorite color. I was just fooling myself though because pink will forever be my favorite. And while I own and wear a lot of yellow, I’ve just found myself wanting all the yellow spring and summer items out there! I want them all!

Every basket and wish list on my favorite online shops are filled with yellow items. I walk into a store, stroll around, pick up some things to try on, and yup…everything is yellow! I’m totally not mad about it and I am embracing my love for yellow 100%.

I know a lot of people try to avoid yellow at all costs because they think it doesn’t look good on their skin tone. I’m hear to put a rest to this myth! I think yellow can look good on everyone with the right shade and the right accessories. Sure yellow will always look best with a side of tan, but if you can’t get to the sun right away (girl I feel ya!) play up your best features in a yellow outfit. I chose this sunny yellow dress that wasn’t too neon or pale. It is a more warm yellow so I know even if I haven’t tanned all year, it will still look great. I also added some playful earrings and a standout bag so the attention is divided into many different directions.

The point I’m trying to make here is that yellow is an it color (for me anyways!) and I think you should embrace it any and every way you can! There is something so fun about throwing on a yellow dress. I immediately feel happier and sunnier. Believe me, you will too!

This gorgeous dress is from Joh Apparel. You can shop it here and it is seriously everything I could ever ask for in a beautiful spring/summer dress!

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